Hiking to the „Valley of the Falcons“

The Valley of the Falcons (Kestrel) is a rich of endemic and non endemic vegetation valley in the north-east of Gran Canaria. It is one of the few valleys of Gran Canaria in which flows all the year-round a brook.

Technical data of the hike:

Distance: about 8 km
Altitude: 280 -380 m
Duration: 3-4 hours
Difficulty: 1-2

Description of the hike „Valley of the Falcons“

The hike is generally easy. There are only a few slightly steeper sections but which are overcome in a few minutes.
The difference in height to the first big waterfall is also quite manageable with just under 300 meters.
Then there is the possibility to go on a little more. But the path is very steep, especially at the beginning and especially on the way down we have to be very careful.

The water in the valley belongs to a private water company of more than 700 members. The majority of the water comes from two water tunnels which are both about 2 kilometers deep.

In the „Valley of the Falcons“ we will find many special endemic plants which otherwise rarely found in this set on Gran Canaria as the Canary willow (Salix canariensis) the white broom (Retama raetam) or the Canaries wild olive tree (Olea europaea).

The „Valley of the Falcons“ belongs to the nature reserve of the Caldera los Marteles, a volcanic crater which is at the upper end.

This hike can also be done with a guide, information on info@wandern kanaren.de

At the beginning of the hike, blooming in January – February the white bugloss.

White Bugloss on a hike at the "Falcon Valley"

Even a few almond trees bloom in the lower part of the „Valley of the Falcons“. Also you can see the water chanel.

Almond trees bloom in the "Valley of the Falcons", beside the water chanel.

An old, dead oak.

Old, dead oak tree on the hiking trail to the "Kestrel Ravine".

The path is lined by many Canary Willows, in the background the white broom.

Canary Willows, in the background white broom on the walking trail to the "Kestrel Ravine".

In winter, after the rains, especially the north sides are covered by dense clover fields.

Dense green clover fields at the hike.

The Canary Willows form a beautiful gallery forest

Gallery forest of Canary Willows near by the creek

Who knows only the south of Gran Canaria missed the interesting landscape in the island’s interior.

Green and rich in vegetation landscape of Gran Canaria.

The White Retama (broom) flowers in great abundance in this canyon.

White Retama (broom) flowers in great abundance in the falcon canyon.

One of the many waterfalls that can be seen on the hike in the „Valley of the Falcons“.

Waterfall on the hike to the "Valley of the Falcons".

Flowering Sorrel and White Broom can be found mainly on the northern slope of the valley.

Flowering Sorrel and White Broom we can see at the hike