Daily guided walks in Gran Canaria

Through our long experience while hiking on Gran Canaria we can offer a lot of guided day hikes. The most important you can find in the subsequent list.

Our daily guided walking routes

We offer different tours with aguide in Gran Canaria with different difficulty

Easy day hikes with walking guide

These guided hikes can be done by almost everyone. Who has a bit of hiking experience or else makes a bit of sport can make these tours.
The paths have no difficulty, and the itineraries are not too long. However, you have to be prepared to trails who can be sometimes a bit rocky.

Detailed description of each excursion.

Moriscos Tour

Easy hike to the highest mountain in the North. More here.

Walking to Moriscos, views to Roque Nublo and Pico de las Nieves

San Bartolome

Circular walk on good trails through the southern pine forest.

Guided Round trip to Santa Lucia

Interesting cultural landscape and a beautiful old town center await us. Here you can find more.

Valley of the Falcons

Walk through a green gallery forest, always along a brook, here more.

Average difficulty level daily hikes with guide

Some of the above mentioned tours can also fit into this category with a little more walking length.

For these tours you should already have a bit more walking experience. Hikers who have already made some mountain tours, for example, in the Alps or other smaler mountains, making some sports, like jogging, can made this walking tours without problems.

The Panoramic Tour

We climb the highest mountains of Gran Canaria, with views over the whole island, see more here.

Guided hiking tour to the center of Gran Canaria

Valsendero circular guided walk

Beautiful hike in rich vegetation in one of the most water-rich and greenest valleys in the north

Valleseco Valley Tour

Beautiful hike through the blue flowering Bugloss forest.

Guided hiking to the green north of Gran Canaria

Heavier daily hikes with guide

This tours of course are not difficult alpine tours where you have to climb. Such a thing is theoretically possible in Gran Canaria  but with a group, we do not know, its not possible.
Rather, this tour group include longer more strenuous tours that can last as between 6 to 8 hours.

Tamadaba circular walk

This large cycle walk leads us from Agaete to the Tamadaba massif in the north-west with great views over the west and northwest coast of Gran Canaria.

Witches pass

Interesting hike with stunning views over the valleys in the south and west of the island.