Santa Lucia hike

The nice place Santa Lucia is located in the southern center of Gran Canaria, below the rocky walls of Tirajana.
In this walking tour we explore the different municipalities of Santa Lucia. Starting from the cultural landscape in direction of San Bartolome, with small fields, orange groves and palm trees, pasing the archaeological site of Montaña de los Huesos, it goes above the village on former fields back in a round. At the end, we walk through the old town with many beautiful buildings back to the church.

Panorama picture from Santa Lucia
The hike is pretty easy on mostly good ways. The climbs are moderate, rarely steep, and than they will not last long. In the upper part of the tour we will enjoy the views of the underlying Santa Lucia and the valley of Tirajana.
The total ascent described we do slowly on several levels.

Technical data of the guided tour:

Distance: approximately 9.5 to 10.5 kilometers depending the variant we take
Altitude: 360-420 m
Time: 3,5 – 4.5 hours
Difficulty: 1-2

Description of the walk in Santa Lucia

In winter it is quite green in the southeast. In January the almond trees are flowering in Gran Canaria. In the first part of the walk at Santa Lucia we see some of these.

Palm and blooming almond trees in the southeastern part of Gran Canaria

After the first part walking a little down and on the same level, through the palm and orange trees, we will start climbing. After a short time we arrive at the archaeological site of Montaña de los Huesos. It is a cave village of natives of Gran Canaria which was created in a rock wall.

archaeological site of Montaña de los Huesos, a cave village of natives of Gran Canaria

In the spring between January and March we can see a lot of flowers along the way. Here a purple bugloss.

Purple bugloss in a valley between Santa Lucia and San Bartolome

During the ascent we have always the highest mountain of Gran Canaria in the view. In the picture below the rocky peak in the middle.
At the highest point of the trek arrived, blooms from December to February the Canaries Lavender.

The highest mountain of Gran Canaria below purple Canaries Lavender.

Our beak point offers us views of the valley of Tirajana and the mountains of Amurga on the opposite side.

Green terraced fields between Santa Lucia and San Barolome

After the break it goes on and we cross the former terraced fields.

Panoramic photo of the terraced fields in winter in the southeast of Gran Canaria.

There, too, it blooms beautifully.

Blossoming yellow fields above Santa Lucia

Above of Santa Lucia there are some old farmhouses. Many of them are unfortunately in very poor condition.

Old decayed farmhouse in the south east of Gran Canaria

We walk downhill and enjoy the views over the palm groves of Santa Lucia. Again bloom here mid-late January and early February the almond trees.

Palm groves and almond trees in bloom

After our last little climb we enjoy the flowers again. Depending on the rainfall in autumn we can see them already in December.

 Yellow flower meadow in the valley of Tirajana

We are approaching to the upper part of the village of Santa Lucia. Also there are some old houses, who needs renovation.

In the old part of Santa Lucia we can see beautifully renovated houses and some new buildings, built in the old style.

We end our walk, in the southeast of Gran Canaria, back to the square below the church of Santa Lucia, which is beautifully planted.